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Leef Access-C USB-C Micro SD Card Reader

Leef Access-C USB-C Micro SD Card Reader


Product reference: 64577

Share photos, store music or watch movies with anyone, anywhere with the Leef Access-C MicroSD Card Reader for USB-C smartphones and tablets.

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Transfer and manage all of your files

The Leef Access MicroSD Card Reader offers the ability to easily transfer, store and share all of your favourite videos, music, photos and personal data between your USB-C devices. This includes smartphones and tablets etc.

Leef Access-C USB-C Micro SD Card Reader

Store and enjoy

Smartphone and tablet space is always at a premium, so being able to transfer and store your precious media on extra Micro SD cards gives you the freedom to take more photos and videos without having to clear space beforehand. This is invaluable as it frees up your device's storage for the next photo opportunity, family video, movie or app download or anything else.

Leef Access-C USB-C Micro SD Card Reader

Watch anything, anywhere, any time

The Access Micro SD Card Reader allows you to carry your entire movie or music library along with you without taking up a single MB of space on your USB-C device. Whether it's a long flight for work or a family road trip, simply load all your media onto Leef Access and never run out of entertainment.

Easily move and share files

The Leef Access Micro SD Reader expands the storage on your USB-C Android device at a fraction of the cost. Now you can easily safely backup & share photos, videos, and music between all of your devices as long as they have a Micro SD card reader - excellent for moving media onto a new phone, for example, or transferring photos to a tablet.

Manage files on-the-go

With the Access Micro SD Reader, you can manage all of your files without the need for a cable.

Compact and portable design

The design of the Access MicroSD Reader means that you can use it anywhere at any time. The extremely portable and lightweight design makes carrying the Access easier than ever, so you can be sure that you'll always have some extra space when you need it most.


  • OS required: Android Jelly Bean 4.1
  • Ports: X2 MicroSD Card
  • Connection: USB-C

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