Alldock Universal 4-Port Charging and Docking Station - Walnut

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Product reference: 61645

Charge and dock up to 4 devices simultaneously with this beautiful, elegant and powerful charging station from Alldock. Four USB ports offer a mighty 2.4A of power, while a sleek walnut frame lends any smartphone or tablet a stylish executive appearance.

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Universal, multi-purpose charging and docking solution

If you want an elegant, stylish and useful multi-device docking and charging station, you need look no further than the Universal 4-Port Charging and Docking Station from Alldock. The slender, natural wood build combines with a 4-port USB hub to create an attractive executive-style docking station which eliminates cable tangling and enhances the look of any smartphone or tablet.

Alldock Medium - Walnut

4 USB ports for universal compatibility

This charging station's robust exterior conceals a 4-port USB hub that can be used to charge almost any device you can think of. From the latest smartphones and tablets to digital cameras, drones and even Bluetooth headphones, this dock is the perfect way to bring all your favourite devices back to life.

Alldock Medium - Walnut 

Stand multiple devices while they charge

Your devices deserve to look great, even while they're charging. The slender recesses of the 4-Port Charging and Docking Station will hold up to four devices, including the latest smartphones and tablets, and will lend an organised, stylish appeal, whether you're charging one device or four. Don't leave your beautiful phone or tablet lying around - give it a home with Alldock.

Alldock Medium - Walnut

2.4A output for fast charging

Each USB port within the Alldock 4-Port Charging and Docking Station outputs up to 2.4A, ensuring even the most demanding of devices will charge super-fast.

Alldock Medium - Walnut 

No need for messy tangled cables

Usually, when you charge multiple devices, you need a mess of cables, mains adapters and space. Not any more, though. Alldock's Charging and Docking Station consolidates all your devices and chargers into one simple, beautiful dock, so you don't need to trip over endless wires or delve into a nest of charging phones and tablets to find yours.

Alldock Medium - Walnut

Beautiful walnut wood design

Your living room, your office, your kitchen, your bedroom - there's nowhere this rustic, attractive dock won't look great. Made with traditional manufacturing methods, the walnut wood finish lends this dock an appealing natural aesthetic that's a perfect complement to the high-tech devices you'll be charging.

Alldock Medium - Walnut

Technical Specifications:

Capacity: 4100 mAh

Charge output: 2.1 A

Battery type: Li-pol 3.7 V

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