Arkon GoPro & Action Camera Windscreen / Dashboard Mount


Product part number: GP114

Product reference: 57614

Securely mount your GoPro or Action Camera to a vehicle's windscreen or dashboard for amazing perspective footage. Perfect for all GoPro Hero Action Cameras, the Arkon mount can be securely attached within seconds.

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Daniel Vass

22 June 2016
Spot on
Needed a GoPro holder to fit to the inside of the Car Window or outside for short videos. Came with the fitment for the protective case to fit onto and had been looking around for a while. Never thought to look online for a proper holder and glad I eventually did. Strong suction mount so not worried about it falling off any time and is just what I needed. It is fully adjustable so getting the angle set up on thye camera is also very easy.

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Capture yourself or the open road with this versatile windscreen / dashboard mount

Attach any GoPro action camera to your car's windscreen or dashboard in seconds with the Arkon Mount, providing you with amazing first person shots of your journey or reaction shots of you taking each corner. The versatility of this amazing mount means that you can securely mount for a front or rear facing shot. This creates beautiful visuals that really make the most of your fantastic action camera.

Arkon GoPro & Action Camera Windscreen / Dashboard Mount    Arkon GoPro & Action Camera Windscreen / Dashboard Mount

Simple and easy set-up

Setting up the Arkon Windscreen and Dashboard Mount couldn't be easier! Requiring no tools whatsoever you simply need to mount the Arkon holder to any glass surface via the suction cup which can then be clamped secure. If you wish to mount this handy holder to your car's dashboard then you simply need to install the 3M adhesive plate onto your dash and then mount the holder onto the plate as you would onto the windscreen.

Adjustable arm for greater control

?The Arkon's adjustable arm gives you the ability to create immersive footage like no other. Easily adjustable you can mount the Arkon GoPro holder to any glass surface in the car or at home no matter the angle of incline.

Arkon GoPro & Action Camera Windscreen / Dashboard Mount

Designed for the GoPro HERO and other small action cameras

The Arkon Windscreen and Dashboard Mount has been designed to take the GoPro HERO4, HERO3+, HERO3, HERO2, and other GoPro models.

It also fits other small cameras with the standard 1/4”-20 camera pattern, such as the Sony Action Cam, Sony POV HD Flash Memory Camcorder, JVC ADIXXION, JVC ADDIXXION Cam 2 and ContourROAM2.

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