Verus i-Depot Universal Smartphone & Tablet Charging Stand - Gold

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Product part number: 904293

Product reference: 54102

This attractive charge and sync dock in gold ensures your smartphone or tablet is always at hand, viewing notifications at a glance and keeps your device fully charged while allowing you to transfer data between your phone and a computer.

"Excellent Charger for both I-Phone and I-Pad"
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Michael Williams

Verus I-Depot Universal Smartphone & Tablet Charging Stand - Gold
1 August 2016
Excellent Charger for both I-Phone and I-Pad
I wanted a charger that would charge both my i-phone and I-pad, as I found it very irritating to have to unplug one before it was fully charged so that I would be able to charge the other. It is so much easier to have a charger that accommodates both simply by placing them on the charger, and not having to plug them in each time I want to charge them. It also sits on my office desk and adds to the smartness of my office.


3 May 2016
buy it
Great product does a great job charged iPad 2 np

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Additional information

Desktop dock for easy viewing of notifications

When your smartphone or tablet is placed on the Verus Charging Stand, it provides a comfortable viewing angle to view any notifications that may appear.

View who is calling you, spot when you have a text message from a loved one, see straight away when you have received an important work email or just to keep an eye on any incoming sports results - thanks to the Verus i-Depot, you can view all of these notifications and respond if required all within easy reach. With a 75 degree viewing angle, you can view all of your notifications in comfort.


Charge and sync your smartphone or tablet while docked

This attractive dock supports simultaneous charging and syncing of your smartphone or tablet, so you can easily transfer files from your computer to your phone (and vice versa) while your device is being charged at the same time. Simply connect the dock to a PC or laptop using your own Lightning cable to begin charging and data synchronisation.

Verus i-Depot iPhone / iPad Charging Stand - Gold

Stylish, modern design

The Verus i-Depot is aesthetically pleasing and won't look out of place on your desk. Providing a convenient location to rest your smartphone or tablet, the dock maintains the impressive look of your device while providing rich functionality.

Case compatible

The dock features a large enough clearance so that you can place your phone in the dock with or without a slim case attached and it will still provide your device with a snug fit. This means that you won't have to sacrifice protection over function when using the dock.

Verus i-Depot iPhone / iPad Charging Stand - Gold

Smartphone and tablet compatible

Mount your smartphone or tablet within the Verus i-Depot, so you know exactly where it is and calm in the knowledge that your device is in a safe and secure location.

Verus i-Depot iPhone / iPad Charging Stand - Gold

Micro USB and Lightning cable holders included

Complete with interchangeable cable holders for Micro USB and Lightning cables, the Verus i-Depot allows you to conveniently dock your Apple iOS or Android compatible phone easier than ever.

Storage for business cards and more

At the rear of the charging stand is a convenient place to place your business cards and other small items, so you always know where they are when you need them the most.

Verus i-Depot iPhone / iPad Charging Stand - Gold

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