Official Motorola Moto G Flip Cover - Violet


Product part number: ASMFLPCVVIO-MLTI0A

Product reference: 42287

Personalise and protect your Motorola Moto G with this colourful official flip case in violet.

"Official Motorola Moto G flip cover"
"Ideal buy!"
"Just the job."

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Janet Dean

8 January 2015
Official Motorola Moto G flip cover
I read the reviews of this item and was a bit dubious of purchasing the product. Many complained about the magnet on the front of the cover. I have had no trouble with this and find it stays closed. As I am a woman and supposed to have limited intelligence with regard to any kind of machanics I actually managed to get the back of my phone and attach the new flipcover. Whoopee doo!!. Simple, easy and straight forward. The phone is ultra thin and lightweight and looks fantastic in the violet cover. My best buy for a long time. Along with the excellent service from Mobilefun it was altogether a good experience. I will be back for more!

West Yorkshire

12 August 2014
Ideal buy!
The flip cover is ideal for me as i love the fact that it switches the phone off and saves the battery.I really like the colour and texture too. A great buy!


Moto G 4G
10 August 2014
Just the job.
Item is a perfect fit and will adequately protect the phone while leaving all controls immediately accessible. Missus and I have identical phones and now have flip covers in different colours to avoid confusion. Great piece of kit and great service from this firm.

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Additional information

Protect your Moto G's Screen

The Official Motorola Moto G Flip Cover offers great protection for your Moto G's screen. The cover will protect your phone's screen against everyday scratches and scrapes.

Official Motorola Moto G Flip Cover - Violet    Official Motorola Moto G Flip Cover - Violet

Personalise your Moto G

Personalise you Motorola Moto G with is official flip cover.

Specifically designed for the Moto G

This case is an official Motorola product so you can be assured of a great fit with access to all of the Moto G's functions and ports.

Official Motorola Moto G Flip Cover - Violet    Official Motorola Moto G Flip Cover - Violet

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