Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Case Cover - White


Product part number: EF-FI950BWEGWW

Product reference: 38355

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S4 screen from harm without impacting it's super slim profile with the official white flip cover from Samsung.

"Sleek and elegeant"
"Samsung Galaxy S4 Case"
"Good Priced Case"

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Ann Robinson
North Lincolnshire

Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip case cover in white
14 February 2016
Sleek and elegeant
I bought this case as a present. The recipient thought it was beautiful. It fits well looks sleek and elegant. The case did everything it promised and automatically switches the phone off when it's closed. Well worth the money and a happy friend!


Samsung S4
7 May 2015
Samsung Galaxy S4 Case
Lovely product - just as expected


Samsung Galaxy
7 March 2015
Good Priced Case
I paid a good price for this GENUINE Samsung kit - it fitted easily, securely and is basically the best thing that I could have done to protect my new phone. If you want cheap - you get cheap If you want the best but are not willing to pay Samsung prices then use MobileFun.

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Additional information

Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Protective Hard Case Cover Plus - Green

Provides full screen protection without additional bulk

Protect the front of your Samsung Galaxy S4 from scratches, scrapes and front-on impacts with the official flip cover. This cover clips onto the back of your device thanks to a flexible rubber bumper without adding any bulk, and then folds over the front when not in use. This means that the most important part of the phone, the screen, is protected from harm without the added thickness and weight normally associated with flip cases.

Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover - White - EF-FI950BWEGWW    Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover - White - EF-FI950BWEGWW

Durable construction offers premium protection for your screen

Made from high quality synthetic materials, this flip cover will keep your Samsung Galaxy S4 screen looking good as new. The cover is tough enough to withstand day-to-day punishment without blemishing, so both your phone and cover will stay looking sharp for longer.

Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover - White - EF-FI950BWEGWW

Official Samsung accessory made for the Galaxy S4 

This is an official Samsung product, so is made to the highest standards with the best quality materials. It is designed specifically for use with the Samsung Galaxy S4, so offers a perfect fit, and does not impede the use of any of the functions such as the power and volume buttons, headphone and charging ports, or front and rear cameras.

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