Veho M3 SoundBlaster Portable Speaker - Black


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The Veho M3 combines an ultra-portable, slim build with a punchy, powerful 2W speaker and wireless Bluetooth technology to create the ultimate sound system for those on the move. Perfect for holidays, parties or just relaxing at home.

"Great product!"

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Nick Giles

Veho M3 SoundBlaster Portable Speaker
28 April 2017
I am profoundly deaf and wanted something to connect to my radio alarm to wake me in the morning without disturbing my neighbours. I have tried pillow speakers but they do not provide a loud enough sound. The Veho Sounblaster is great. I can place it close to my ear. It provides sufficient volume to wake me even when the volume on my alarm is set only halfway between min and max. Battery life is good without having to recharge. Much better value than specialist alarms made for the deaf.


29 March 2017
Great product!
Great product overall! Very fast shipment. Totally worth it.

Linda Briggs

13 March 2017

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Additional information

Small speaker, huge sound

The Veho M3 Soundblaster's sleek, defined lines and ultra-compact size defy the big and punchy sound this speaker produces. A  2.4W speaker provides all the power you need for parties, holidays or even just relaxing at home. Replace your phone's tinny, trebley speaker with the M3 Soundblaster and never look back.

Veho M3 SoundBlaster Portable Speaker - Black

Bluetooth compatibility for virtually any smartphone or tablet on the market

With full Bluetooth support, this speaker can get any party started - whether you want to control the music or let your friends take over. This little marvel is compatible with any Bluetooth device on the market, too - so whether you're looking to enhance the small sound of your smartphone or the trebley tweets of your tablet, you'll find a friend in the Veho M3 SoundBlaster.

Veho M3 SoundBlaster Portable Speaker - Black

3.5mm aux input for non-Bluetooth devices

Is all of your music backed up on an old iPod, or even your brand new laptop with no Bluetooth capability? Not to worry - the M3 Soundblaster from Veho also features a 3.5mm aux input, meaning you can connect any device with a headphone jack including iPods, MP3 players, laptops and much more.

Veho M3 SoundBlaster Portable Speaker - Black

Rechargeable battery to listen to your music for longer

The Veho M3's rechargeable Li-ion battery provides up to 3 hours of continuous playback - more than enough to kickstart the party. When the speaker does run low, simply connect via the included USB cable to any powered source (mains charger or laptop USB port) and be ready to listen again in no time.

Veho M3 SoundBlaster Portable Speaker - Black

Portable, compact build, perfect for travel

This speaker measures an incredible 50mm in height, which means you'll never need to be without your music again wherever you go. Whether you're off on holiday, a long business trip, travelling to a friend's house or simply relaxing at home with your favourite tunes, this speaker's lightweight and compact build quality is astonishing considering the quality of sound.

Veho M3 SoundBlaster Portable Speaker - Black


  • Output: 2.4W
  • Rating Power: 1.8W
  • Size: 50W x 50L x 35H (mm)
  • Speaker: 36mm micro speaker, 40Ohm
  • Frequency response: 100Hz - 20kHz
  • Signal to noise: >85db
  • Distortion: <0.5%

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