Sonic Boom Portable Vibration Speaker - Black

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Take your tunes anywhere, turning anything from a cup to a window into a speaker, with the Pocket-sized Sonic Boom Portable Vibration Speaker.

"Cracking little gizmo"
"Sound bit of kit"
"Massive quality and tiny packages"

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Bill Lavender

Sonic boom portable vibration speaker
4 January 2017
Cracking little gizmo
Really pleased with this little gizmo, so much so that just ordered another to keep in the car! Alright, we're not talking high end sound quality but for this price, it's brilliant! Well pleased,many thanks!

North Cheshire

Sonic Boom
26 October 2016
Sound bit of kit
This isn't original - I had a similar speaker about 15 years ago. However, this version is just as good as the original at a small fraction of the price I paid back then. How do you use it ? Simply unwind the cables carefully , remove the protective cover from the sticky pad on the rear of the speaker, plug in the mini jack, switch on and enjoy super sound ! The fun is experimenting with different surfaces - a flat surface ( table top, window pane or a plastic tub ) the list is endless. Great sound from a great bit of kit at a bargain price. Enjoy ! One warning - don't lose the clear plastic tab which protects the sticky pad when not in use.

Dale Karl Harvey

Apple devices iphone5,6 and 6 +
21 October 2016
Massive quality and tiny packages
This is aimed at my Daughter 12 years old! She took it to school and at break she could play it in her locker using it as a amplifier for this magical speaker! Well packaged minimum however most effective, I used the second one and I stuck it to my wheelchairs headrest so no need to have really loud but sounds where there for the listening! Thanks MF! A repeat/return Happy customer again so far 100%

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Additional information

Sonic Boom head turns any surface into a speaker

When you hit a drum with a drumstick, the surface vibrates and causes the air around it to vibrate, which generates a sound. Using this principle, the Sonic Boom can convert any surface into a speaker, with a wide variety of effects. The Sonic Boom head vibrates like a regular speaker, but amplifies these vibrations to allow them to permeate through anything from a desk or window to a cup or cardboard box. This means you get the power of a much larger speaker and amplifier in a portable package. You'll never get tired of trying out new speakers with the Sonic Boom!

Pocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker - Black

Magic sticky pad attaches firmly to wood, glass and more

In order for the Sonic Boom to function, it needs to be stuck to the surface you want to turn into a speaker. To facilitate this, the Sonic Boom features a magic sticky pad that attaches to almost any surface with ease, while also being able to be removed without leaving any residue. If the sticky pad does loose some of it's magical properties, simply wipe it with a damp finger to restore up to 95% of the original stickiness.

Pocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker - Black

Small size means you can take it anywhere

Measuring just 9.5cm long and with a diameter of only 3.5cm, the Sonic Boom really can be taken anywhere. It all folds up into a neat capsule, meaning there's no loose wiring to worry about, while a lanyard eyelet means you can attach it to your keys or carry it round your neck so you're never without your Sonic Boom.

Pocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker - Black

Powered by two AAA batteries for all day, easily replaceable power

The Sonic Boom only requires two standard AAA batteries (not included) which provide several hours of playback and are easy to replace. This also makes it a truly take anywhere replacement for regular, clunky portable speakers. Alternatively, the Sonic Boom can be powered via the included USB cable, to help you save battery power when you're at your desk.

Pocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker - Black

Standard 3.5mm jack for compatibility with most phones and media players

Utilising a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, the Sonic Boom is compatible with most mobile phones and media players, so you don't have to worry about whether it will work with your device. Simply plug it in, turn it on, and let the tunes flow. There's even a 3.5mm extension cable included for when you need some extra distance.

Pocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker - Black

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